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Thornback and Peel Pheasant Handkerchief - Set of Three

Thornback and Peel Pheasant Handkerchief - Set of Three

Three white cotton handkerchiefs hand printed with a pheasant.  Beautifully presented in a gift box

40cm x 40cm
100% Cotton
Wash at 40 degrees
Made in Great Britain


Show Me Your Love

The handkerchief’s popularity soared in the 1700s.  Sweetly scented and highly decorated, men and women exchanged the little squares as tokens of love and friendship. In the absence of emojis, 19th century ladies used handkerchiefs to signal their amorous intentions. Handkerchief flirting comprised a complicated series of semaphore that included:

  • Drawing it across the cheek—I love you.
  • Drawing it across the eyes—I am sorry.
  • Drawing it across the forehead—Look, we are watched.
  • Drawing it through the hands—I hate you.
  • Dropping it—We will be friends.
  • Folding it—I wish to speak with you.
  • Letting it rest on the left cheek—No.
  • Letting it rest on the right cheek—Yes.
  • Letting it remain on the eyes: You are so cruel.
  • Opposite corners in both hands: Do wait for me.
  • Over the shoulder: Follow me.
  • Twisting it in the left hand—I wish to be rid of you.
  • Twisting it in the right hand—I love another.

We love this tradition of giving handkerchiefs as a lasting token of love and affection. Our hankies are hand-screen printed in our London studio and beautifully presented, making them the perfect gift for all occasions. Send a Get Well Soon gift to a friend who is laid up in bed with sneezes and wheezes. Or leave as little gifts in people’s place settings on festive occasions.

Pop into a stocking at Christmas for that extra little something, or delight a colleague with a Secret Santa they will actually be pleased to receive.


Always Have a Hanky to Hand

There are many reasons why the humble hanky is still an essential accessory today. Quite apart from its eco credentials (100% cotton, easy to wash, no more disposable tissues piling up in the bin), there’s surely nothing as cheering as the scent of a freshly laundered hanky to help soothe a sore nose

It’s always a good idea to have a crisp cotton hanky to hand at family occasions. Tucked into a clutch bag or happily displayed in a top pocket, they are great at weddings for dabbing away tears of joy or correcting make-up mishaps.


Sartorial elegance

Worn in your top pocket, our handkerchiefs are a great way to add personal style to an otherwise sober suit. Fold into a triangle so that the characterful print peeks out, this is an easy and elegant way to update an outfit.



    We want you to be delighted with your purchase but if you are not you can return an item within 7 days of receipt, as long as it is unused and in its original packaging and you have receipt of purchase.

    We will be happy to exchange the item for a replacement or to make a refund. We are not able to refund any postage charges, but we will charge for sending any exchange items by post.


    At this stage we are shipping throughout New Zealand using tracked parcel rates with New Zealand post.

    Your shipping is determined on the weight of your order and will be calculated at check out.

    You can pick up your order if you live in Christchurch.

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